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Marsha P. Johnson

In 2020 alone, the number of transgender people killed in the first seven months already exceeded the total number of deaths last year. In 2019, at least 25 transgender people were killed in America, according to the Human Rights Campaign – 91% were Black women, and 81% were under the age of 30.

Marsha P Johnson

It is said that the catalyst for real change in the Gay Rights Movement — The Stonewall Riots, were started when a Transgender person threw the first shot glass at raiding police, setting off a chain of events widely considered to constitute one of the most important moments that led to the gay liberation movement.

More than ever we need bring visibility to the Trans Community who have had to fight the hardest in the Queer community to get us ALL equal rights.

Sylvia Rivera to NYC Pride in 1973:

“Y’all better quiet down. I’ve been trying to get up here all day for your gay brothers and your gay sisters in jail that write me every motherfucking week and ask for your help and you all don’t do a goddamn thing for them.

I have been to jail. I have been raped. And beaten. Many times! By men, heterosexual men that do not belong in the homosexual shelter. But, do you do anything for me? No. You tell me to go and hide my tail between my legs. I will not put up with this shit. I have been beaten. I have had my nose broken. I have been thrown in jail. I have lost my job. I have lost my apartment for gay liberation and you all treat me this way? What the fuck's wrong with you all? Think about that!

I do not believe in a revolution, but you all do. I believe in the gay power. I believe in us getting our rights, or else I would not be out there fighting for our rights."

"How many years has it taken people to realize that we are all brothers and sisters and human beings in the human race?”
-Marsha P Johnson

We must do something to help the community that has sacrificed everything so that LGBTQIA+ can live freely. Please help us Bring awareness to the Transgender community and educate those who aren’t aware of the influence they’ve had on Gay Rights.  With artwork from Mike Gigliotti, custom dying by Connor Bradley, printing by Pink's Inks, awareness from Cave Homo and the love of Carter Donnell, we are bringing you this projectAll proceeds from every shirt sold are being donated to The Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

Photo courtesy of Joe Brook